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Database Administration - ORACLE 11G BASIC



Part- 1

  • Relational Databases & SQL
  • Choosing a SQL & PL/SQL Interface
  • Building a Select Statement
  • Restricting Data with the Where Clause
  • Sorting Data with the Order by Clause
  • Using the Set Operators
  • Summary Functions
  • Using Sub-Queries
  • Aggregating Data within Groups
  • Build Simple SQL Plus Reports
  • Use Data Definition Language to Create and Manage Tables
  • Use Data Manipulation Language to Manipulate Data
  • Choosing a SQL & PL/SQL Interface
  • Language Features
  • Declare Clause
  • Begin Clause
  • Exception Clause
  • Explicit Cursors
  • Advanced Programming: Declared Subprograms

Part- 2

  • Introducing Database Program Units
  • Creating Stored Procedures & Functions
  • Maintaining Stored Procedures & Functions
  • Creating and Maintaining Packages
  • Advanced Cursor Techniques
  • Using System-Supplied Packages
  • Relating Database Triggers
  • Maintaining Database Triggers
  • Implementing System Even Triggers

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