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GlobalTek Systems


Part- 1

Introducing Performance Center
  • Performance Center Testing Process
  • What is the testing process? 9 Performance Testing Applications


Part- 2

Creating Vuser Scripts
  • Recording Vuser Scripts
  • How do I start recording user activity?
  • How do I record a script?
  • How do I view my script?
  • How do I save the script?


Part- 3

Creating and Designing Performance Tests
  • Logging in to Performance Center
  • Adding Vuser Scripts to Performance Center
  • How do I upload the Vuser Script?
  • Monitoring Performance Tests
  • What is a monitor profile? How do I create a monitor profile? Creating Performance Tests
  • How do I create a performance test?
  • Designing Performance Tests
  • How do I open the Performance Test Designer?
  • How do I design the performance test? How do I add the monitor profile to the test?

Part- 4

Running Performance Tests
  • Creating Test Sets
  • What is a test set?
  • How do I create a test set?
  • Reserving Timeslots How do I reserve a timeslot?
  • Running Performance Tests
  • How do I run the performance test? What does the Performance Test Run page display?


Part- 5

Post-Run Analysis and Trending
  • Analyzing Performance Test Run Results
  • How do I view Analysis information? Did I reach my goals?
  • How can I view the graphs?
  • How can I compare data from different graphs?
  • How can I sort graph data?
  • How can I publish my findings?
  • Viewing Performance Improvements and Regressions
  • What steps are involved in working with trend reports?
  • Creating the Trend Report
  • Viewing Trend Report Data

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