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About Us

Globaltek Systems LLC is an IT training and services company incorporated in 2005. We envision ourselves being at the cutting edge of the technological revolution that is currently shaping the world, not as a passive observer, but as an active agent, a prime catalyst heralding the transformation.

We are focused on carving out a wide niche for itself in the IT governed world by leveraging its competencies to provide high quality solutions and services. Globaltek Systems Services envisions being a high growth IT solutions & training company, specializing in multifaceted software solutions, services and emerging technology. Our Primary focus is on steady growth to the level of being ranked among the top IT solutions & training providers in the world.

Our Strategy

With a flair for inching ahead on the right path, we look ahead; explore selves as Individuals, Teams, Groups and as a Business to:

  • Pursue Creativity, Innovation and new opportunities
  • Seek constant improvement
  • Take calculated and smart Risks
  • Obtain Substantial Insight from our Successes and Failures
Commitment to Quality

With an unswerving commitment to quality, Globaltek Systems Service’s well-defined quality policy for technological and managerial processes has helped to establish the company's quality, credentials through objective assessments.


Committed to delivering innovation, we collaborate with our clients to help them become high performance businesses. Our professionals uniquely pair strategic acumen and strong execution capabilities to help clients identify new opportunities, drive process improvements and achieve high performance.

Our ability to adapt to the rapid changes in the IT domain and also implement the latest technology in our work brings us success. Our corporation caters the needs of sectors like:

Finance and Banking

Globaltek Systems expertise in technology and Sarbanes Oxley has been a boon for Finance and Banking industry. The company’s highly trained workforce can provide solutions that meet the needs of the business process and information technology requirements of the industry, as well as the compliance requirement demanded by the highly regulated sector.

Globaltek Systems experience in the finance and banking industry has enabled it deliver cost effective and high quality customized solutions for its clients. The company’s ability to understand the needs of its clients in the industry, have enabled us to deliver solutions within prescribed deadlines and budget.

Globaltek Systems workforce is trained in the latest technologies and is cognizant with all the necessary market compliances and regulations.

Globaltek Systems Success in business is built on relationships founded on trust. It works with clear communication and coordination of action, supported by technology. We are proud that our team testifies this.

To succeed, one must manage the future and managing the future is managing information. We have an elite group of experienced and close-knit professionals who has worked in various projects for many companies on a variety of platforms and applications.

They have excellent academic backgrounds and expertise in the application areas. We recruit our professionals from top institutions, and our recruitment process is designed to get the best talent with right aptitude & attitude.

Our strategic alliances with companies give us access to the latest developments in the IT field. This technology advantage gives us an edge over our competitors.


Globaltek Systems is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education & Department of Labor and Workforce Development (WDP/WIA) as Private Vocational School for training of the unemployed participants in the IT field. Qualified participants are trained and developed hands on, by the best trainers in the industry as per the industry norms and standards. Once the training is complete, we work with participants of the program on their resume building and conduct mock interviews to prepare them for real time interviews.

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