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Role: Trainers

Location: Iselin NJ

Employment Type: Full Time

Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or closely related field is must


Interact with our students, in-house trainers and the management team to design and deliver the training, prepare the students to obtain a strong understanding of architecture of web applications, need of Performance Testing and Performance Testing Life Cycle

Will Involve:

  • Modern web application architecture
  • Functional Testing vs Non-Functional Testing
  • Importance of Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing Life Cycle (PTLC)
  • Gathering data about production workload patterns
  • Determining non-functional requirements
  • Gathering Quality of Service (QoS) data
  • Understanding Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Performance testing tools

Work with co-trainers and management to deliver an advanced course in Load Runner, helping our students to familiarize with Performance Testing standards followed in the industry. This covers all phases of Performance Testing Life Cycle and the deliverables of each phase

Will Involve:

  • Introduction to LoadRunner
  • LoadRunner Components and architecture
  • Vugen
  • Parameterization
  • Correlation
  • Transactions
  • Vugen Logs
  • C language basics
  • RunTime settings
  • Workload modelling

Collaborate with co-trainers and management to set up test environment and walk students through to understand each phase.

Will Involve:

  • Scale, design and implementation test environment
  • Test Data creation
  • Test script validation
  • Calculating hardware and tool requirement to generate the load
  • Setting up of monitoring tools

Introduce to our students the analysis, monitoring and automation tools most widely used in the IT industry

Will Involve:

  • Compiling performance test reports
  • Understanding benchmarks and baseline performance
  • Demonstration of open source tools to analyze system metric
  • Demonstration of Thread and Heap dump analyzers
  • Introduction to Jenkins and Chef

Develop training, mentoring and trainee evaluation plans. Lead the effort in identifying new learning tracks and creating new curriculum as needed. Work with co-trainers to keep track of IT demands and stay updated with the latest technology

Will Involve:

  • Creating scenario based hands-on/practical tests question patterns for trainee evaluation
  • Evaluating candidates
  • Working with students to identify learning gaps and provide appropriate guidance
  • Collaboration with co-trainers to provide any additional lab or practice sessions

Role: Part Time Trainers

Location: Iselin NJ

Employment Type: Part time(25 hours per week)


  • Understand the concepts of Business Intelligence Data warehousing
  • Get to know what is ETL Testing, QA Lifecycle and RDBMS Concepts
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Data Warehouse WorkFlow and comparison between Database Testing and Data Warehouse Testing
  • Understand different ETL Testing scenarios like Constraint Testing, Source to Target Testing, Business Rules Testing, Negative Scenarios Testing, Dependency Testing, Error Handling Testing
  • Perform data Checks using SQL and understand the scope of BI Testing

Trainer will impart foundation of Data Warehouse with the concepts, Dimensional Modeling and important aspects of Dimensions, Facts and Slowly Changing Dimensions along with the DW/BI/ETL set up, Database Testing Vs Data Warehouse Testing, Data Warehouse Workflow and Case Study, Data Checks using SQL, Scope of BI testing and get the steps to set up the environment with the most popular ETL tool Informatica to perform all the activities on your personal computer to get first hand practical knowledge

Modules covered by trainer during the ETL course

  • Datawarehouse concepts
  • Master Data Warehouse Concepts, Step by Step from Scratch
  • Is Data Warehouse still relevant in the age of Big Data?
  • What is Data?
  • Why Data Warehouse is implemented?
  • What is a Data Warehouse?
  • Data Mart
  • Data Warehouse Architectures
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • How to build a Dimensional Model?
  • Various Objects in a Dimensional Model
  • Data Integration and ETL
  • ETL Vs ELT
  • ETL using SSIS
  • Overview of SQL Server Data Tools
  • Exploring data flows
  • Transferring Data from Excel to SQL Server
  • Transferring Data from SQL server to Excel
  • Data scripting
  • Deployment – Package Configurations
  • Control flow tasks
  • Control Flow Tasks and Precedence constraints
  • Webservice Tasks
  • For Each Looping
  • Fuzzy Lookup Transformation
  • Checkpoints
  • Logging

Job Highlights

  • Extract, transform, and load data to prepare for integration with one of the most technologically advanced, all-inclusive ERP platforms.
  • Collaborate with Deacom’s manufacturing customers during the data validation phase to ensure accuracy and drive operational efficiency.
  • Gain experience with Deacom’s unique Data Conversion tool to create profiles for loading data.
  • Partner with internal teams to maintain Deacom’s ridiculously high implementation success rate through the timely completion of data conversion.
  • Enrich your passion for data by working with customers overcome business challenges.

Role: Full Time Trainers

Location: Iselin NJ

Employment Type: Full time(40 hours per week)

Job Description:

  • Provide training and guidance to trainees on Java programming techniques, naming conventions, Java Frameworks, Common Java
  • software errors, Coding problems and their Implementations in softwares
  • Consciously and systematically convening with software developers to review the quality of Java code, including security
  • performance, and static code analysis
  • Work with business stakeholders to understand the demand for trainees in each of the business units, identify the skill sets that they need to be trained in
  • Work with other Java trainers and teaching assistants to ensure appropriate training curriculum based on the technical needs of business stakeholders is created;
  • Schedule appropriate training sessions
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or closely related field is must

Role: Part Time Trainers

Location: Iselin NJ

Employment Type: Part time(25 hours per week)

Bachelor’s degree in Computer science or closely related field is must

Course Overview:

Module 1: Overview & Architecture
  • Lesson 0 – Introduction & FMW overview
  • Lesson 1 – Identity & Access Management Overview
  • Lesson 2 – OIM Overview & Components
  • Lesson 3 – OIM Logical & Physical Architecture
  • Lesson 4 – OIM Connector Architecture
  • Lesson 5 – OIM Integration required with OIDAM
  • Lesson 6 – OIM LdapSync what and why
  • Lesson 7 – OIM Password & Account Management Integration
  • Lesson 8 – OIM OAAM Integration


Module 2: FMW & Web Logic Concepts
  • Lesson 1 – FMW & System VS Java Component
  • Lesson 2 – Various Homes in IAM
  • Lesson 3 – Web Logic Server & Domain


Module 3: OID – Architecture, Installation, Administration
  • Lesson 1 – ODS & OID Overview
  • Lesson 2 – Architecture of OID
  • Lesson 3 – Installation of OID : High Level Steps Part I
  • Lesson 4 – Installation of OID : High Level Steps Part II
  • Lesson 5 – OID Installation Hands-On Part I : Web Logic Server
  • Lesson 6 – OID Installation Hands-On Part II : Install & Configure OID
  • Lesson 7 – Console in OID : ODSM, Web Logic, EM
  • Lesson 8 – File System in OID : Homes, Instance, Domain
  • Lesson 9 – Start / Stop in OID : OPMN & Web Logic
  • Lesson 10 – Password Policy and Create Users/Groups in OID


Module 4: IDAM – Install, Configure, Integrat
  • Lesson 1 – IDAM Installation Overview
  • Lesson 2 – IDAM Installation – Manual Method
  • Lesson 3 – IDAM Detailed Installation Steps
  • Lesson 4 – IDAM Installation – Create Schema using RCU
  • Lesson 5 – IDAM Installation – Install Web Logic Server
  • Lesson 6 – IDAM Installation – Install IDAM Software
  • Lesson 7 – IDAM Installation – Install SOA Suite Software
  • Lesson 8 – IDAM Configuration – Create Web Logic Domain
  • Lesson 9 – IDAM Configuration – Migrate Policy Store to DB
  • Lesson 10 – IDAM Configuration – Start Admin, SOA, OAM Server
  • Lesson 11 – IDAM Configuration – Prepare OID for OIM Configuration
  • Lesson 12 – IDAM Configuration – Configure OIM & Start OIM Server


Module 5 : Start/Stop OIM Server
  • Lesson 1 – Start/Stop High Level Steps & DB Start
  • Lesson 2 – OID & Admin Server Start
  • Lesson 3 – Start of Managed Servers CLI & Console
  • Lesson 4 – Stop Managed Servers & Logs
Module 6: Consoles Walkthrough in OIM
  • Lesson 1 – Web Logic Console
  • Lesson 2 – FMW EM Console
  • Lesson 3 – OIM Identify Console
  • Lesson 4 – OIM System Console


Module 7: Customization
  • Lesson 1 – Customize OIM using visual Composer
  • Lesson 2 – Changing Button, Logo, Attribute Name, Hiding fields from Console
  • Lesson 3 – Adding User Defined Fields in OIM
  • Lesson 4 – Sandbox in OIM


Module 8 : Notifications in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Lesson 1 – Notifications Overview in OIM
  • Lesson 2 – Notification Providers & UMS
  • Lesson 3 – SMTP & SOA Compositor Providers


Module 9: Connectors in OIM
  • Lesson 1 – User Management Challenge & Connector Overview
  • Lesson 2 – Connector Types : Integration Options
  • Lesson 3 – Type of Connectors – Pre-Defined, GTC, ICF
  • Lesson 4 – Connector Terminology – RO, IT Resource, Process Form
  • Lesson 5 – AD Connector & Hands-On
  • Lesson 6 – Database (DBAT) Connector & Hands-On


Module 10: Auditing, Logging & Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 1 – Overview of Audit & Logging
  • Lesson 2 – Configure Logs in OIM, OID
  • Lesson 3 – Configure Auditing in OIM


Module 11: Workflows in OIM
  • Lesson 1 – Workflow Concept
  • Lesson 2 – Default Workflows & Enabled/Disable Workflow
  • Lesson 3 – Deploying Approval based workflow Composites


Module 12: Backup & Recovery
  • Lesson 1 – Backup & Recovery Concepts
  • Lesson 2 – Hands-On : Backup Middleware, Domain & MDS


Module 13: Miscellaneous
  • Lesson 1 – CSF & How to configure & where is used
  • Lesson 2 – MDS : What Why and How
  • Lesson 3 – Plug-Ins : Overview & Deploying Plug-Ins

Course Outline

  • Creating a Solid Base for Business Analysis

Distinguishing between typical BA projects

  • Agile
  • Business intelligence
  • Information technology
  • Business architecture
  • Business process
  • Determining the role and focus of BA based on project type

Identifying underlying competencies

  • Recognizing behavioral and thinking paradigms
  • Highlighting communication and interaction skills

Describing key concepts

  • Establishing the vocabulary
  • Stakeholders
  • Requirements
  • Designs
  • Strategy Analysis

Researching the business organization in context to new change

  • Performing situational state analysis: current vs. future
  • Listing the business drivers and the problem/opportunity

Understanding analytical methodologies and approaches

  • Defining and analyzing potential adverse events
  • Carrying out an enterprise readiness assessment
  • SWOT
  • KPIs
  • Functional decomposition
  • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

Choosing a BA approach and establishing governance

  • Predictive vs. adaptive
  • Level of formality
  • Timing
  • Documenting and communicating requirements changes

Understanding the community of stakeholders

  • Conducting a stakeholder analysis
  • Communicating: details, frequency, modality
  • Personas
  • Rules analysis
  • Organizational modeling
  • Elicitation and Collaboration

Preparing and conducting elicitation sessions

  • Developing an elicitation activity plan
  • Collaboration
  • Research
  • Experiments

Capturing accurate and consistent information

  • Comparing elicitation results to sources
  • Ensuring a shared understanding of information
  • Brainstorming
  • Interviews
  • Stakeholder maps
  • Requirements Analysis and Design Definition

Specifying and modeling requirements and designs

  • Creating matrices and diagrams
  • Collecting and representing attributes
  • Implementing appropriate levels of abstraction
  • Process modeling
  • Sequence diagrams
  • State modeling

Structuring and organizing requirements and designs

  • Illustrating flows of inputs, information, and outputs
  • Checking for correctness and completeness
  • Evaluating against solution scope
  • Verifying and validating specified and modeled requirements
  • Use cases
  • Data flow diagrams
  • Non-functional analysis
  • Requirements Life Cycle Management

Defining types and deriving relationships

  • Finding relationships between requirements
  • Choosing prioritization criteria and requirements states

Approving requirements and designs

  • Managing conflicts and issues
  • Gaining consensus and communicating approval
  • Item tracking
  • Workshops
  • Acceptance and evaluation criteria
  • Solution Evaluation

Determining if what was specified solves the business problem

  • Recording and applying solution performance measurements
  • Identifying and analyzing limitations in the solution and the enterprise

Recommending alternatives and actions to increase value

  • Listing and understanding external and internal factors
  • Considering solution replacement or retirement
  • Decision analysis
  • Organizational modeling
  • Risk analysis

Role: QA Trainer

Location: Iselin NJ

Duration: Long Term

    Qualification: Need minimum of bachelor’s degree in computer science or closely related field.


  • Educate the trainees about fundamentals of software testing and introduce them various testing tools and practices
  • Develop training content- handouts, outlines, agendas and syllabi meeting the Organisational needs
  • Explain the SDLC structured approach to designing and building application systems
  • Develop and implements effective training plans, policies, and programs
  • Delivers Training programs/ Modules based on training plan requirements
  • Conducts training classes by presenting job-specific, company-specific, and generic software applications and personal computer classes
  • Documents, maintains, manages, and enforces all training material, process guides, and workflows for the Company
  • Incorporates motivating, creative, and interactive training techniques to enhance the training experience, to maximise learning and retention
  • Produces performance reports and reviews them with individually with Training and QA Supervisor and identify the additional training needs for improvement
  • Provides feedback on the trainee’s performance
  • Assists with creating and maintaining and updating of the standards for all Knowledge Base articles, end-user guides, and other IT training materials, and works with the Supervisor to produce documentation that meets the standards
  • Actively and creatively seeks suggestions for improving tools and processes
  • Maintains technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing publications
  • Maintain a good working relationship with peers, staff, leadership, and students
  • Please send resume and cover letter indicating position ID to No Calls. EOE

Role: Test Lead

Location: St. Louis MO

Duration: Long Term

    Qualification: Need minimum of bachelor’s degree in computer science or closely related field.


  • Working closely with architects, development managers and developers across client accounts in creating, educating, creating awareness & building momentum around software applications.
  • Providing technical leadership to technical resources to meet project deadlines and ensure project objectives are met
  • Planning, scheduling and coordinating activities related to system development project
  • Consulting with and mentoring technical resources concerning methods, procedures, and standards to be used during design, development, and unit testing phases of system development projects
  • Providing systems or technical development expertise to the technical resource team
  • Communicating issues and status information to the Program Manager and Practice Manager concerning system development activities
  • Please send resume and cover letter indicating position ID to No Calls. EOE

Role: Big Data QA Engineer

Location: Iselin NJ

Duration: Long Term

    Qualification: Bachelors in Computer Science or closely related field.


  • 2-4 years of experience
  • Creating test scenarios and test cases based on functional documents and User stories
  • Reviewing product requirement documents, functional specifications, and involving in developing test strategy, test plan, and test case documents.
  • Configuring TestNG, Maven tool and created Selenium automation scripts in Java, python using Junit.
  • Performing troubleshooting, fixed, and deploying many Python bug fixes of the two main applications that are Maintained main source of data.
  • Building python framework to transform Datasets and Data tables into HTTP-serializable JSON strings.
  • Implementing automation script using Crontab in python to run the web crawler.
  • Working in developing and executing manual and automated tests in different platforms using Python, Pyspark, Pytest/Unit test and the Selenium library
  • Creating test data (metadata, XML, Json) following the schema and performed SQL and NOSQL (MarkLogic) queries for data verification and integrity.
  • Performing end to end integration (UAT) and performance testing with customers, suppliers, and vendors to verify the flow from upstream to downstream of real time and batching data using UX/UI, SoapUI, MarkLogic NOSQL and SQL.
  • Assessing & analyzing user stories and participation in Sprint planning, Review Sessions & Scrum Meetings and developed Test scenarios, Test cases, Test data, Test reports
  • Please send resume and cover letter indicating position ID to No Calls. EOE

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