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QA - HP Quality center

GlobalTek Systems

Course :QA - HP Quality center

Part- 1

Introducing Quality Center
  • The Application Life Cycle Management Process
  • Starting Quality Center
  • The Quality Center Window
  • The Mercury Tours Sample Web Site


Part- 2

Specifying Releases and Cycles
  • Defining Releases and Cycles
  • Viewing Releases and Cycles


Part- 3

Specifying Requirements
  • Defining Requirements
  • Viewing Requirements
  • Converting Requirements


Part- 4

Planning Tests
  • Developing a Test Plan Tree
  • Designing Test Steps
  • Copying Test Steps
  • Calling Tests with Parameters
  • Creating and Viewing Requirements Coverage
  • Generating Automated Test Scripts


Part- 5

Running Tests
  • Defining Test Sets
  • Adding Tests to a Test Set
  • Scheduling Test Runs
  • Running Tests Manually
  • Viewing and Analyzing Test Results
  • Running Tests Automatically

Part- 6

Adding and Tracking Defects
  • How to Track Defects
  • Adding New Defects
  • Matching Defects
  • Updating Defects
  • Linking Defects to Tests
  • Creating Favorite Views


Part- 7

Alerting on Changes
  • Triggering an Alert
  • Creating Follow Up Alerts


Part- 8

Generating Reports and Graphs
  • Generating Reports
  • Generating Graphs
  • Generating Dashboard Pages


Part- 9

Creating Libraries and Baselines
  • Creating Libraries
  • Creating Baselines
  • Comparing Baselines


Part- 10

Customizing Projects
  • Starting Project Customization
  • Adding a New Project User
  • Assigning a User to a User Group
  • Defining a User-Defined Field
  • Creating a Project List

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